Wood Shop vs Photoshop

If I had not had a career in Video/TV Production I would like to have been a carpenter. Retirement offers wood shop time, learning new skills & exploring a different type of creativity. I use re-purposed wood & enjoy the imperfections while incorporating flaws into the design. None of these pieces came from a pattern. I began with an idea & made it up as I went along.


The top of this table is made from 100+ year-old beams from the original cottage on our property. This was my 1st project. The rustic style farm table fit well with my nascent abilities. I have interest & respect for history that dovetails nicely with photography & woodworking. I’m also motivated to learn new techniques in each skill.


Function & form are an important part of pre-pro in woodworking & pre-visualization of photography. This simple form provides 3 separate functions; a holder for the garden hose, an attachment for the clothesline & a perch to hang a flower basket.


Strictly function on this project. The original ramp was rotting. Old sections of dock worked perfectly as planks. I purchased wood for joists & used plenty of stone as foundation. Often while wandering with my camera I will shoot a sign purely as a landmark or reference. Pure function with no creativity serves a purpose.


Strictly form here. I had these 7X7 beams for a long time trying to figure out what to do with them. An earlier bench was a failure but a learning process. When I realized 3 would make a perfect homage to a tripod I knew I was onto something. This is still a work in progress. In photography something may catch my eye but I’m not sure how best to capture it. I examine angles, light, foreground, background & as many perspectives as possible. Inspiration sometimes needs time to germinate.


I can’t provide a 1 to 1 correlation, but the work/thought-flow of both photography & woodworking feed each other. I believe perspective & detailed observation as well as compromise have something to do with it. Along the way you can be surprised. After building this bench/shoe rack I found something good for my bad knees. Getting up from a bench 20 inches off the ground is much easier than the normal chair height of 17 inches.


An advantage to DIY building is you can customize to fit your need. I usually start my day with coffee reading the news on my kindle. I needed a small low table that would fit between the 2 chairs.  A somewhat larger/higher cousin is in the works. My photography subjects satisfy my interests & woodworking to meet my needs.


This was my most ambitious project to date & also the heaviest. We wanted an island in the kitchen. Drawers were not a project I felt I was ready for since they have little room for error.   My wife suggested getting a used cabinet w/drawers at Construction Junction then cover the other 3 sides. Brilliant! The 3 sides are tongue & grove from the original cottage. The oak top & trim is from my grandparents dinning room table.


I liked the idea of a parquet end table but wasn’t sure how to begin. There was a lot of making it up as you go along on this project. It came together nicely as I had hoped. And, I still have 10 fingers! Wood isn’t perfect & neither am I.  Between Wood-shop & Photoshop I am exploring new paths for taking ideas from my head & making them real. A lot of creativity just comes from doing it. Connecting mind, eye & fingers.