Stone and Iron Garden

01 Organic Garden
Rocks & stonework inspire me. I noticed a sculpture garden with ironwork designed around jaw-dropping stone objects. I envisioned flora in bloom contrasting stone & dull ironwork as a good time to stroll thru this unique garden with my camera. However, on an overcast Spring mourning I realized the few early flowers, bare trees & a backdrop of grass would highlight the tone of the artwork.
02 Rock Table
The artist, Vince Freeman, has an eclectic assortment of man-made materials to choose from including bricks, pre-formed ornamental pieces & discarded rusted relics of. The stone table is the centerpiece of the patio. The finely detailed ornamental pagoda on the edge of the brickwork offers a pleasing juxtaposition to the natural rock table.
03 Stone Crucifix
The crucifix may be one of the strongest images in our culture. Artists in many mediums have used their talents to create custom representations. I don’t think I have ever seen one as unique as this.
04 The Tong Family
Before I talked with the artist I knew we shared a similar trait. We keep old tools because someday we might do something with them. In his case he actually does. I only hang them in my woodshed. By simply heating & bending these old devices his creation of Papa Tong, Mamma Tong and Baby Tong brought a smile to my face.
05 Iron Bird copy
The color palette of this shot is narrow. The rusted Iron Bird blends nicely with a dominant gray scale & the diffused grass adds an element of life. Originally I thought this might be an interesting BW. However the more I experimented in post the more I liked the color.

06 Bug with Character

When I landscape with stone, I often see a specific place for a specific rock. I never have looked at a rock and seen a face. The choice of this stone & the perfectly positioned eyes give character to an inanimate object. All of us can learn to see things differently. For me his work is kindling for different perspectives.

V Freeman

Soft spoken and easy to talk to, Vince quickly struck me, as is the type of person who gets things done. His squared shoulders on top of his large strong frame give him an advantage when blending Iron and Stone. I enjoy how he has interpreted & created sculpture using natural and discarded man-made materials.