Who is behind this blog

My career in video/TV production began in 1976.  I’m still amazed that living in Pittsburgh I made a career as an independent freelancer.  Part of my success has come from the collaboration of people & clients.  I was also fortunate enough to be able to put the right tools in my hands at the right time.  I had lots of help & inspiration I am thankful for.  Now that my career in video is in the past, its time to get back to stills!

box 004

As a kid I was captivated by images in Life, Look, National Geographic & Sports Illustrated.  I was also influenced by Marshall McLuhan and others that wrote about the social influence of media.  I was fascinated by the story & emotions a single image can create.  After college with a degree that focused on visual communication, I saw opportunities for a profession in video production and I began to embrace that visual medium.

For more time than I care to think about I stared at video monitors & looked thru viewfinders.  I do humbly believe I see things differently than most people & have some ability to create and capture it…even with a still camera.  After a career of moving pictures I am now looking at the singular image again.

If this blog has purpose beyond a gallery of my images it is to explore the perspective of a photographer’s mind & how it connects eyes & camera.  Their are many resources about settings, lenses, post-production & lighting.   I found fewer resources with insight into motivation.  I hope to provide more than just inspiring images but also perspective as to what challenged me to grab my camera…what motivated me to snap the shutter…inspiration into subjects, stories & maybe just a few tips,technique & considerations.  If I can do that, maybe an image or a description will stir your emotions & help take your photography to a new level.

Photo credit…Mike Kramer

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