Summer in the Rear View Mirror

It is officially Fall but this post looks back on Summer trips. Some journeys were new destinations; others were return visits to favorites worth another look. My mental focus is shifting towards the preparation for a 2-week photo essay in the Caribbean this coming Winter. Follow along over the next 4 months for details. Feedback & suggestions appreciated!


I found out a schooner was coming to Cape Vincent, NY on it’s way into the Great Lakes. I took a road-trip & caught the Pride of Baltimore as she arrived. Unfortunately for me she did not have her sails up. See Summer Part 1 for a picture of her.  This picture represents countless broken dreams along the shores of most bodies of water.  Every boat has a story. The NY lake shore of Ontario as well as the St. Lawrence is a enjoyable trip with many interesting places to visit.


As a history buff I’ve wanted to explore Ft. Niagara North of the falls. It played a significant role in 3 wars…French/Indian, Revolutionary and 1812. Unlike inland forts,  constrained by topography & the need for confined security, this citadel on the shores of the Niagara River & Lake Ontario is very open. The French built the original but it was taken over by the British & finally yielded to the US in 1796.


Letchworth State Park spans the Genesee River. Some call it The Grand Canyon of the East, not to be confused with PA Grand Canyon or the real Grand Canyon. It has 3 waterfalls, many hiking trails, & all the other amenities you would expect at a grand park with a canyon. It is very well maintained & has a statue of Mary Jemison. She was the subject of a painting by Robert Griffing. I co-produced a doc about the artist & the painting called The Taking of Mary Jemison. Her life is a fascinating story. The doc wasn’t bad.


One of the things I enjoyed at Letchworth was the opportunity to use many lenses. I am still getting comfortable with adjusting my minds eye to my 10-22 zoom. This dragon fly was patient as I kept moving closer to min focus. The composition is poor but I discovered an interesting niche for a wide lens I hadn’t anticipated.


These simple yellow flowers pop in the strong sunlight. Zoomed in with my 100-400 I was able to soften the waterfall background with soft random highlights. The bee in the lower left never feasted on the top flowers while I was there. I didn’t crop him out because it’s a detail that adds a hint of flavor even though I would have rather he flew upper left or right of frame.


Lillydale is an interesting lil hamlet in central Chautauqua County NY. Spectacular gardens with fantastically maintained family sized Victorian homes. In early Spring, before the “season” opens…stay with me…it is a fairy land to walk thru. Yes they do have a fairy trail. During the 8 week “season” it is a home to many spiritualists, mediums, healers, & paranormal enthusiasts


Juxtaposition is a wonderful tool especially in still images. I couldn’t help myself from thinking if DTV or Dish was better for connecting with the other side. I must admit, I am skeptical by nature as well as curious. However, I have never wanted to have my future told or connect with someone who has passed


I enjoy people with a good sense of humor about themselves. By no means is this a good photo, but because of the sign above the door if I ever want to have a reading, this is where I would go.  Link to good joke. A visit here is worth the time. You will find a pet cemetery, inspiration stump, & as you would imagine ghost walks.


I may be one of the few people that enjoy taking pics in the rain especially street photography. Reflections, reactions of people & the costumes all change during a storm. Although not my intent to have a blur, I think it emphasizes the environment of a downpour. Instead of a boring afternoon sitting inside we took a 1st time visitor to Pittsburgh on a tour of distinctly Pittsburgh places in the rain. It’s only water!!!


It has been an annual family/visitor event for close to 20 years…blueberry picking. SW NY is primarily an agricultural region with wonderful vineyards, rows & rows of delicious corn & of course the berries. It was a dry season so the fruit didn’t get very big; I choose the shot with the fly for relativity. 2 bucks a pound for a delicious add to your breakfast. Sometimes Life is Like That.






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