What I Did This Summer Part 1

I always thought it was a lame assignment from English teachers, but I now think it’s not a bad perspective for reflection. In this case I will be doing 3 parts. These aren’t necessarily my best shots but more a spectrum of subjects & styles I attempted. By stepping outside of my comfort zone I tried to push my creativity &  find new inspiration.These excursions taught me a lot & I had a good time doing it.


Pride of Baltimore w/o sails. Hopefully this trip was a good location scout/research for catching her with sails up as she returns. This is the 1st time I’ve done location pre-pro for a photo shoot. Stay tuned!


Instead of participating in the Chautauqua Watershed Golf Tournament…I took some pics of golfers. I get more good shots with my camera than my golf clubs.


Musical Performances are challenging. The upside if the lighting, staging and your position is lacking is you get a treat for your ears.


Silhouettes can be powerful with the mix of B&W with Color. Joe Pye might not be the best subject but all Summer long I enjoyed the first light of a new day.


The simple beauty of a rose carries so many analogies. The color, texture and form of solo flowers can be appealing subjects or an accent to a scene. I find early light the best. Learning the limits & best use of my new 85mm lens was very helpful.


I discovered  a rowing club. Guess what is going to be on next years activity list!!!!  When you open your eyes wide you can discover new things.


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