On The Lake Summer Part 2

Transition to retirement has allowed me to spend summer as I did when I was young. Labor Day meant the start of school & time to go home. Later in life it signaled the start of traveling for CBS/NFL & a busy 5 months. Now I look forward to the transition to Fall at this special place in my life. Summer isn’t over for a few more days.


Driving my smiling daughter around on her wake-board is one of the most joyful activities I did this summer. She is an inspiration with her tenacity & character. I have become a fan of the light at sunrise.


Although getting my sailboat in the water was delayed…long story…I do enjoy looking at it knowing if the wind is right I can slide it into the water and catch a breeze. The triple rainbow…reflection off the water…was a first for my eyes.


I used to own a sailboat named Chasing The Wind. Chasing sailboats with a camera is rewarding when you get a shot like this. Fun to sail, fun to watch and fun to take pictures of…Sailing is fun.


These 2 sailors are learning/practicing to race. I prefer pleasure sailing vs racing but as they say…what ever fills your sails.


The weather & logistics of the wooden boat show were less than good for photography.  These nautical classics, like most boats, make better pictures on the water not tied to the dock. I choose to take tight detail shots & the soft focus, gray fractal reflections of the water in the background of this shot blend with the texture of the wind blown flag. I’m proud it only took me 4 shots to get the image I saw in my mind.


Carving flat water at the beginning of a new day. That is better than a cup of coffee. The background has few distractions & nicely out of focus. The horizontal of the shoreline is above the subjects head. All in all a shot I like a lot even though it wasn’t the shot I was after. See Summer Part 1.


The individual subjects of the image are quite common. Their alignment with good light like this is not. The Bemus Point Stow Ferry and the Chautauqua Belle are constant reminders of the history of this wonderful body of water. I got my license and now have piloted the Ferry. More boat time! Come take a ride and let me share some stories about the lake.



What I Did This Summer Part 1

I always thought it was a lame assignment from English teachers, but I now think it’s not a bad perspective for reflection. In this case I will be doing 3 parts. These aren’t necessarily my best shots but more a spectrum of subjects & styles I attempted. By stepping outside of my comfort zone I tried to push my creativity &  find new inspiration.These excursions taught me a lot & I had a good time doing it.


Pride of Baltimore w/o sails. Hopefully this trip was a good location scout/research for catching her with sails up as she returns. This is the 1st time I’ve done location pre-pro for a photo shoot. Stay tuned!


Instead of participating in the Chautauqua Watershed Golf Tournament…I took some pics of golfers. I get more good shots with my camera than my golf clubs.


Musical Performances are challenging. The upside if the lighting, staging and your position is lacking is you get a treat for your ears.


Silhouettes can be powerful with the mix of B&W with Color. Joe Pye might not be the best subject but all Summer long I enjoyed the first light of a new day.


The simple beauty of a rose carries so many analogies. The color, texture and form of solo flowers can be appealing subjects or an accent to a scene. I find early light the best. Learning the limits & best use of my new 85mm lens was very helpful.


I discovered  a rowing club. Guess what is going to be on next years activity list!!!!  When you open your eyes wide you can discover new things.