Frozen Music

Music is a fluid & linear art for the ear. Live performances add emotion, theatrical visuals & a communal experience. Capturing a musical performance is better suited for moving pictures with sound. Stills only capture a glimpse of a musician or document memories. Maybe my ears override my eyes & this is why it is a genre I’m not very good at. I would appreciate tips from anybody that is both a photographer & a musician.

b Crew Butchers

While I enjoy a spectrum of music I never have been big on going to concerts. This performance of the “b Crew Butchers”, co-workers, enjoy making music as a diversion from traveling making live-TV. Poolside of SB 50 was indeed a good venue. It also shows what I consider most performance videos miss…the two-shot. Most films I see  use to many CU’s of hands & individual musicians. I enjoy a deeper visual story with interaction of the performers & occasionally with the audience.

DEN music 069

Street musicians are a wonderful part of the urban environment. At the 16th St Mall in DEN I could always count on interesting “relativity” shots. The constant flow of pedestrians is an interesting thing to watch. Here I was able to combine music, street photography & people on their phones. A three-fer! At first the coffee woman was not part of how the crop. After exploring options, I decided the face-less individual was indicative of the rhythm of the street. And, you gotta love pinky cup.

DEN music atm 069

This is another DEN “relativity” shot. I wonder if after making a withdrawal people feed the violin case? An element of street photography I look for are signs and their juxtaposition with the environment.

Ladies Night

One of my most recent explorations was to hear a group called Ladies Night featuring an all female horn section. The James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy has a name to long, and a performance venue in the basement to small. However the sound system was GREAT. The sightlines/lighting/clutter for photography were terrible but the musicians and the mix for the room were spot-on.  If the women couldn’t play the “All Female Horn Section” might just be a gimmick. They can play! The entire band is tight & balance songs with emotion that fills the room.  I would love to listen/see to them in a bigger venue where they could let loose.  I sensed that this horn section could really wail.  I would also love to get a 3 shot of all the ladies.  I did a little post on this shot.  Trying to balance that line of altering vs improving.

Geno Delafose

It was later in my life when I discovered Zydeco. As soon as I heard it I needed to experience it live. With roots in the bayou, it was easy to discover a home in MSY called Rock n Bowl. Unfortunately it took me 20 years after I found out about it to go there. The city of New Orleans is rich with music & Rock ‘n’ Bowl should be a part of any music lovers trip.   If there is any doubt about the happiness of Zydeco just look at the smile on Geno Delafose. There is much room for improvement in my photography but the smile is all I need to trigger the memory of this 2nd gen accordionist. You can find out more about Gino at

NO shadow

NOLA SBXLVII The Musco lights creating this shadow of the violin player were on Jackson Square for one of the many “satellite remotes” CBS had for the game. I have always liked the qualities back-light has on a subject & it appears the musician is savvy enough to find the spotlight. Over the years I’ve learned when there is strong hard light look to include shadow as part of the image.

Elvis 069

Since this post is titled Frozen Music a snap of a statue somehow seemed appropriate.