I shouldn’t complain but…

Traveling for the work on live sports broadcasts ain’t what many think it might be.   This little story will use 4 photos that give a taste to some of life on the road…AKA First World Problems.

Perks of traveling

For a “street/of the moment” photographer signs can be a good “go to” subject.  It can be the surroundings, the shape, the juxtaposition or sometimes the content.  For me signs can force a vertical perspective.  They also sometimes carry a significant weight to storytelling.  A perk of traveling is that you get a new pisser every week.


I will be very glad not to have to deal with the numerous security inspections on my way to  & from work every day.  A perk of retirement.  Yes I know they are doing their job!  Do we really need security to be full of consistent inconsistencies with often a lack of common courtesy?  Isn’t it bad enough without the common ignorance of the public?  Wake-up folks!!!   Work that begins with a security check can make for long and frustrating days.


I know their are people in this world that would love to have a safe clean place to stay.  And I also know that their are worse hotels than where I was normally put up at.  But, hotel hallways are  monotonous & without interest.  They are not the way I like to begin & end my day in the world.  And don’t even get me started on the carpet!

Spring Inbound

I will end this short story with a positive.  The approach of Spring from 4F.  The flight to & from CLT is a glorious reveal of the spectacular seasonal transitions.  Upgrades and frequent flyer miles are nice but the best perk of traveling is a springtime final approach with great lighting coming back to PIT.  Sometimes life is like that!

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