Vertical eyes

For most of my career I worked in 3×4 then 16×9 horizontal video.  So my vertical stills are an evolving perspective to translate from eyes to mind & then to camera.  I have realized that sometimes the subject screams vertical.  This stop on the NFL tour had whispers of Stanley K.

Hotel Verticaal

I used a 30th of a second at  low aperture with the ISO cranked up.  I would have loved f22 at 250 with 1000 ISO & full frame but that wasn’t going to happen.  Both vertical & horizontal cropping are simple tools I use to emphasize what drew my eyes to the subject.  The cropping was a step I had planned when I snapped & the end result was as I expected.  However, the noise/grain of high ISO gave an accent that adds a texture quality I surprisingly like.  

My travels doing sports broadcasting took me to many hotels.  None had any courtyard or atrium as nice as the Brown Palace in Denver.  However, it has the slowest most inadequate elevator I experienced in over 30 years of traveling.

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