Photo Blog?

To answer my own ?…photography is about capturing a moment & sharing it.  Although I have reservations about social media, blogging seems an interesting conduit for displaying my images along with thoughts about visual communication.  The downside of doing a blog is my spelling, syntax and grammar are casualties when ideas get transferred through a keyboard.  I do appreciate feedback and critique of my photos.  However, if you feel compelled to comment on my attempts at prose then I suggest you research Kurt Vonnegut’s novel SLAPSTICK and his correlation between a flying doughnut and the moon.


I will begin with a recent image.  I had driven by the signs on the freeway far to many times without stopping.  So my last trip returning from DC I went upriver alongside the Potomac with Antietam as my destination.  I hadn’t wandered with my camera for a while & I enjoy the challenge of capturing a historic perspective.  Its not urban, it’s not landscape, it’s not action, it’s not nature, it’s not traveling. This silent canon barks no more on a battlefield where over 3500 soldiers died in one day.  My images & understanding are dwarfed by early photojournalists like Gardner and Brady.

In some locations I try to use the camera to look back in time.  I framed & focused the canon with the red fall leaves to emphasize cause and effect.

This location for obvious reasons reminded me of a doc I shot for Mark Bussler at Gettysburg.  We didn’t have post-card perfect weather then but it was consistent.  If you always want perfect weather/lighting for outdoor photography you will end up disappointed most of the time.  You need to see what the day gives you and take advantage of it.





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